Jag35 announce new run and gun rig and offer a chance to win one for free

By Dan Chung have launched a new, as yet unnamed, compact rig for the run and gun DSLR video shooter. It looks to be an interesting option for budget-minded news and documentary shooters looking for a lightweight solution.

According to Jag35’s Misa Garcia “It’s a very simple, compact and lightweight design which will allow you to mount your DSLR along with other accessories.  It’ll feature two 6″ bottom rods below your camera’s body so that you can mount a Follow Focus and Mattebox if you want.  It includes a Shoulder Pad that can be used to support the rig with your chest, giving you another pressure point for added support, and helping you with stabilization. The rig also includes a comfortable cushioned handgrip.”

The new rig will be available starting at $199 (parts with a value of $249.99) within the next couple of weeks through the website. 

Additionally, Jag35 will be running a contest where anyone can submit their ideas for naming this new rig.  If Jag picks your suggestion then you will win a rig for free.  You can find more info on this page.


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