BIRTV 2011 – China's answer to Red? The Kinefinity KineRAW S35 digital cinema camera for US$8000

By Dan Chung and Sarah Li

It had to come sooner or later. Nestled in the corner of the massive BIRTV trade show in Beijing, we found China’s answer to the multitude of Arri Alexas and Red Epics being paraded around.

The Kinefinity KineRAW S35 prototype on display

This is the Kinefinity’s 2K digital cinema camera featuring a Super35 CMOS sensor, which the manufacturer hopes to bring to market for around US$8000. It offers what the manufacturer calls Dual RAW as it can record in 12 bit to either DNG, for CinemaDNG based workflows, or GoPro-Cineform RAW on removable SSD drives. The lens mount can be PL, Oct19, Nikon or Canon EOS (although possibly not with any electronic control of the lens). Support for 3D LUT look files is also promised.

Audio is handled with a pair of XLR inputs at 24-bit depth. For monitoring there is a pair of SDI ports and a single HDMI port. The camera setup and controls are accessed through a side panel with simple push buttons. A lot will depend on the sensor and the manufacturer was understandably secretive about who actually makes it, but said that its base sensitivity is 400ASA. I also was told that the final production body will be smaller.

It is designed and made by a small Beijing-based company and they already have a working prototype. Trials are apparently underway and I am hoping to see actual footage soon. Before then I can’t speak of the quality and it is still essentially vapourware.

Rear view of the KineRAW S35 camera showing SSD slots

The company itself comes from a background of making cameras for astronomy so they are not novices at camera engineering. They told me that they hope to ship a product in about six months, but whether they can actually do this is anyone’s guess.

Here’s the full technical spec:

Many thanks to DSLR shooter Sarah Li of Cheung Kong Journalism and Communication School, Shantou University for filming these reports.

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  1. Dan Hudgins Says:
    May 30th, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    There is some sample footage from the KineRAW-S35 ™ second prototype in field testing in China now, its free to download the MOV and Cineform ™ clips as well as the matching 3D-LUT for monitoring and editing with.

    Sample MOV and Cineform ™ along with matching 3D-LUT are free to download at links in this posting, as are photos of the KineRAW-S35 ™ second prototype in field testing in China now,

    Quote: [There are 720p H.264 mov for downloading:

    There are some Cineform RAW footages for downloading:

    The Cineform (tm) player is here,

    Quote: [Here are links for Low-Contrast Rec709 LUT.

    1. daylight-160.look:
    2. daylight-160.cube:

    Speedgrade NX, Firstlight can use .look file, while Da Vinci Resolve uses .cube file. People can use the LUT as monitoring LUT, but also use it as a starting point of grading .]

    Click on the green buttons in on the linked to pages at to download the files, use the free program 7-Zip ™ to unzip the rar files.

    Feel free to email (sm) if you have any questions on how to use those 3D-LUT or the workflow they used in editing the MOV file.

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