The Really Right Stuff and the Redrock Micro RRS

When it comes to DSLR video and gear Vincent Laforet is a man you should take seriously. So when we were together at PhotoCine Expo last year and he recommended I take a look at the Really Right Stuff (RRS) quick release system – I took note. After some research I went and ordered a complete set of RRS clamps and quick release plates for all my cameras, tripods and Kessler Pocket Dolly.

The new Redrockmicro RRS1 release plate adapter

Redrock Micro have just released what looks like a super solid adaptor designed to make the RRS clamp system work with HDSLR rigs. It takes the Really Right Stuff B2 LR II quick release clamp and puts the DSLR at the correct height for other rails-mounted accessories like Follow Focus and Mattebox. Brian Valente from Redrock Micro previously showed me a prototype of this system and I’m keen to get one for my shoulder rig.

I have to say Vincent was right when he recently blogged that Really Right Stuff plates are the single best plates for my money – whether you’re shooting stills or video.  We mount everything with them – cameras to handheld rigs, tripods, shoulder mounts, technocranes – you name it.  Fast, easy, and dead solid.”

Originally designed for stills, this system is very secure and I can quickly change from one set-up to another with ease. Because I often run multiple cameras at the same time it’s a key component of the way I shoot.

I had been using the popular Manfrotto 394 quick release system for a year or so. It worked OK but I wasn’t 100% happy with it. The problem I found with these plates was that they are quite large and can sometimes move a little when on the camera, especially with a large lens or shoulder rig.

The Really Right Stuff solution is based on the Arca Swiss system and comes in two parts: A range of quick release clamps which fit on your tripod or rig, then a snug fitting custom dovetail plate for each camera. These plates have a lip on each side which prevent it from moving at all when mounted to the camera.

Regular RRS plate with 'lip' to stop camera movement

A Really Right Stuff L-bracket on the 5DmkII

In addition they also make a second version for many cameras that is L-shaped. These were originally designed to let you put the camera upright, but for video have the added advantage of protecting any HDMI, shutter release or audio cables attached to the camera – a huge bonus for run and gun shooting. I have these mounted on my 5DmkII cameras and really like them.

The RRS L-bracket protecting audio and HDMI cables

I’ve also modified my Redrock Micro Running Man nano rig so it uses a RRS plate for quick mounting.

Redrock Micro Running Man rig modified with RRS release system

Here’s a short video from Really Right Stuff about the system.


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  1. arturrito Says:
    January 31st, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    congrats! your blog is a truly influence and a good source to find right info about dslr filmmaking tools, and, I want to ask you, is it possible to mount my Z-Finder with an L-Plate from RRS? and…wich RRS camera plates match with Redrock Micro + Really Right Stuff Clamp – 15mm for Really Right Stuff? thks a lot!!!

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