Singular Software launches stand alone DualEyes audio sync software for Mac…

…or: how to save hours of your life.

Dual system audio has become very common in DSLR video these days. You record high quality sound separately on an external audio recorder like the popular Zoom H1 or H4n, then sync it later with your DSLR video, replacing the camera’s ‘bad’ inbuilt audio track. Traditionally you then combine the two manually using a ‘sync clap’ as a reference to compare audio waveforms and line them up afterwards in your editing software. This is do-able but dull and time-consuming. Or a pain in the arse, in plain English.

Thankfully there is a more hi-tech automated solution for combining the two – Singular Software’s PluralEyes for Final Cut Pro, which I’ve been using since its launch and thoroughly recommend. Many projects I shoot have audio done this way.

Whilst this is fine if you are a Final Cut Pro user I’ve been asked many times if it would be possible to get PluralEyes working with more basic editing packages like Final Cut Express and IMovie.

Here’s the solution from Singular: DualEyes harnesses the same technology as PluralEyes but in a stand alone application. It allows you to automatically sync audio and video clips, without the need for timecode, clappers or any special preparation.

Bruce Sharpe, creator of PluralEyes, said DualEyes for the Mac had been one of their most requested products.

So here it is. And until February 22, it is at a special price of $119.


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