New Kata DSLR bags and a novel Manfrotto Photo-Video tripod head

Whilst at the Canon Pro Solutions show in London a few weeks back I got a chance to look at a few new products. Apologies for not posting these until now but I’ve been rather busy lately.

Kata were showing off some new bags aimed at HDDSLR shooters who need to travel light. First up is the Source-261PL bag which is designed to take a camera on a rig fitted in it’s main compartment with several lenses in cleverly designed side pockets. Next they have two new bags in the FlyBy range which are super lightweight gear trunks that can fit a laptop and be used on rollers.

Kata unveils new lightweight DSLR bags for video shooters from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Manfrotto also had an interesting new tripod head on show aimed at convergence shooter doing stills and video together. It functions like a regular pan and tilt video fluid head until at the flick of a switch it goes into photo mode where you can put the camera upright. I can see this appealing to a lot of photographers who are starting to shoot video.

Manfrotto Photo/Video tripod head on show from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Both of these quick videos were shot by contributor Sam Morgan Moore. Many thanks to him.

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