PhotoCine Expo 2010 – A wonderful learning experience for photographers and filmmakers alike

Ami Vitale's presentation on the big screen at the LA film school

I’ve just spent an inspirational weekend at the PhotoCine Expo held at the LA Filmschool. I want to thank Michael Britt and his crew for inviting me to what I consider to be the best Photo/Video convergence event in the United States this year. Michael has worked tirelessly to bring together some of the biggest names in the industry in this follow up to last year’s Collision conference.

There were amazing presentations by Vincent Laforet, Shane Hurlbut, Rodney Charters, Alex Buono, The Bui brothers, Ami Vitale, Gail Mooney and many others. I’d seen a lot of the work before but on the LA Filmschool’s 2K screen it looked better than ever.

On the gear side there were some exciting new products from Redrockmicro, Jag35, Teradek, Carl Zeiss lenses, Mic distributor Hosa and others. I’ll be updating you about some of these during the rest of this week when I’ve had time to edit the videos.

The new Jag35 Monitor X finder on the also new Nikon D7000

Vincent Laforet tests out the MicroEVF from Redrock Micro

Photographers turned filmmakers - Myself, Ami Vitale, Vincent Laforet and Gail Mooney

And it was also good to meet up with old friends as well as making some new ones. It was especially great to meet up with fellow photojournalists turned filmmakers Ami Vitale, Vincent Laforet and Gail Mooney. All of them showed their latest work over the weekend and for me it was concrete proof that convergence is really happening. If you are photojournalist, TV cameraman or documentary maker now really is the time to embrace the new technologies and ways of working – the results speak for themselves.

At the show - A Redrockmicro rig kitted out with the new MicroEVF and Teradek Cube

Nikon's P7000 with a little surprise - an external mic jack and a Hosa Q-audio mic

For more information please check out the excellent PhotoCine News blog

Affordable Shoulder Rig


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3 responses to "PhotoCine Expo 2010 – A wonderful learning experience for photographers and filmmakers alike"

  1. Cliff Etzel Says:
    September 27th, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Dan – any word on the Hosa Q-audio mic? Looks quite similar in size to my Ambient Audio Tiny Mic.

  2. nfunk59 Says:
    October 8th, 2010 at 3:33 am

    The Redrockmicro rig kitted out with the new MicroEVF and Teradek Cube? Do people actually use this stuff in the real world?. Which bits fall/or get knocked off off first? How long is set up time?

    Surely I’m not alone in thnking thats this type of evolution is not sustainable. Is it not possible to put DSLR technology in a handycam type body?.

    As a photographer first I use video on a job (Sony AVCHD) as its quick to get at. A switch from stills to movie usng this rig is simply not possible. Or ahve i missed teh point?

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